WWE SummerSlam: 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt Dominates Finn Balor

Not knowing what to expect from Bray Wyatt's new "Fiend" character, Wyatt's first match as the personality lived up to all expectations and then some.

It started with his entrance, as Wyatt walked out with a remix of his old theme song. He carried a lantern that was a replica of the old Bray Wyatt character's head with a light emanating from his mouth. The crowd in Toronto was super into it as Balor looked on dumbfounded.


Wyatt wrestled the match with his mask on. He dominated almost all of the match, although Balor got a brief series of offense in. Balor came off the top rope but Wyatt locked in the Mandible Claw to get the victory.

After the match, Wyatt celebrated in the ring before the lights went out and he vanished.

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