Watch: Seth Rollins Moves on From Challenging CM Punk to a WWE Match

It appears Seth Rollins has given up on trying to get CM Punk back in the ring. The former WWE Universal Champion was a guest on WWE Backstage this week, and he quickly addressed the elephant in the room when it came to his social media feud with Punk. For those who missed it, Rollins was one of the first to challenge Punk to a match after he made his surprise arrival on WWE Backstage. Punk rejected the offer, instead telling Rollins to stay off Twitter and stop searching for "relevancy" by trying to get into a feud with him.

Seeing that his plan wasn't working, Rollins stated on the show that he's done trying to goad the former WWE Champion.

"I'm here, he's not here," Rollins said. "I'm not shocked about that but I think I've exhausted all of my energy on the subject. I just don't think it's going anywhere. I'm not shocked that he's not here so I think it's time to maybe move on to something that matters...I wish he was here, I wish we could have a face to face but it's not in the cards."

Punk, who was not on this week's episode but is expected to be back next week, said he sympathised with Rollins' struggle to keep fans on his side while being presented as the "top guy" on Raw.

"It's a hard job," Punk said. "The word oversaturation comes to mind. When you're in the spotlight for as long as they have been, it's hard to stay fresh and constantly reinvent yourself. So I think they're both the top guys and I think sometimes that can wear on fans."

During his first episode as an analyst for the show, Punk broke down what parts of the current WWE product he doesn't like.


"I think the product is the same as when I left it," Punk said. "Wrestling could be so much better, it could be so much more. Obviously there's a reason myself, yourself, everybody who puts on a pair of boots fell in love with professional wrestling. And regardless of what I think of the product now, the opinion is the same as when I was there.

"Stuff is overproduced, stuff's micromanaged. I think the best characters, the people that fans love the most throughout all of wrestling are the characters that they get to figure stuff out themselves instead of being told what to do by somebody who've never done anything, never been anywhere. 'never drew money, brother.' So I think there's a lot wrong with it, but I see a lot of bright spots [the women's division, NXT]."