Adam Copeland's AEW Future: Doctors Are "Optimistic" About Recovery

Copeland fractured his tibia last month at AEW Double or Nothing.

Adam Copeland is on the shelf. This past May at AEW Double or Nothing, the Rated-R Superstar defended his AEW TNT Championship against Malakai Black in a barbed wire steel cage match. Late into the contest, Copeland scaled the cage, sizing up a lifeless Black that was laid out on a table with barbed wire draped across his chest. Copeland leapt from the top of the cage but did not fully commit to the dive, as instead of landing sideways for a splash or an elbow drop, Copeland landed on his feet. He went on to finish the match and successfully defend the title but was unable to walk out of the MGM Grand Garden Arena on his own two feet.

Days later, Copeland confirmed that he had fractured his tibia and would be forced to vacate the AEW TNT Championship. Copeland underwent surgery for the injury a couple of days later.

Adam Copeland's Doctors Are "Optimistic" About Recovery

(Photo: AEW, WWE)

The Rated-R Superstar is not going out without a fight.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Adam Copeland opened up about his tibia surgery and compared it to operations he has had for prior injuries in his career.

"My Achilles tear a few years ago led to my most difficult rehab, and I'm expecting more of that. I'm 50. I know what's in front of me," Copeland said. "But the surgery was successful, and the doctor was optimistic because my bones are healthy. It's my seventh surgery, so I know the drill. We'll see how my body cooperates."

Copeland has had his fair share of significant physical setbacks throughout his three-decade career. His injury woes began in 2003 when he underwent surgery for a neck injury. Six years later, Copeland suffered his aforementioned achilles tear and was shelved for seven months. His most recent big injury came in 2020 when he tore his triceps during a match against Randy Orton.

"I got cocky. I can't remember the last time I felt that good. I mean, I felt so good. Until I didn't," Copeland reflected on the AEW Double or Nothing dive. "My biggest concern when I got up there was, 'How do I not crush him?' I didn't even consider getting injured."

Copeland's recovery timetable is said to be around 4-6 months, meaning he will likely miss AEW ALL IN: London.