Photo: Edge Shows off Tricep Surgery Scar, Gives Status Update

WWE's The Bump hosted the first-ever The Bumpy Awards on Wednesday, celebrating the best moments from the first half of 2020. The show gave out a series of awards voted on by the fans, including Best In-Ring Match of the Year. The winner wound up being the "Greatest Match Ever" between Randy Orton and Edge at Backlash, and the latter appeared on the show to accept the award. "The Rated-R Superstar" suffered a tricep tear during the taping of the match and opted to show off the brace and surgical scar while offering an update on his recovery, saying he's at a point where he can almost fully straighten his arm.

During an interview with Booker T earlier this month, Edge revealed the injury came when he dived off the second turnbuckle right into an RKO from Orton.

(Photo: YouTube/@WWE)

"I did a springboard into the second RKO. I went 'ooh.' I got the cold sweats and I feel like I'm going to throw up. That's usually a sign, that's where it popped," Edge said.

"I thought, okay, I think I have a little bit more in the tank to finish this out," he added.

He later learned via doctors that his tricep was partially torn heading into the match.

"By the time I got the surgery, the surgeon said 'you probably went in with it partially torn because the tissue was already very diseased.' And my elbow had been bugging me for probably about a month," he explained. "But it would only bug me when I did chest or triceps (workouts). Here's what I learned going forward — I need to listen to those signs."

Last week Finn Balor discussed in The Irish Mirror how he wants to face Edge at the next NXT UK TakeOver pay-per-view, TakeOver: Dublin, in October.


"Somebody was talking online about possibly challenging Finn Balor at NXT TakeOver and that was Edge," Balor said. "I would like to address that situation right now, Edge was saying he wanted to face Finn Balor at TakeOver, so if we could do it at TakeOver: Dublin, all the better. An absolute legend in the the ring, but what an absolute gent and a true pro outside the ring.

"I've always said it to both him and Christian that when they retired — I met them at a couple of media appearances — and I said, 'Lads, you two are like how I'd look to transition out of wrestling — to carry yourself with such professionalism.' To see [Edge] back is fantastic. Getting the chance to wrestle with him would be even better."

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