AEW's Andrade El Idolo Starts Trending After Unfollowing His Fiancee, WWE's Charlotte Flair

AEW star Andrade El Idolo caused a stir on social media on Monday morning after fans noticed he was no longer following WWE's Charlotte Flair on Twitter or Instagram. The pair have been dating since 2019 and got engaged back on Jan. 1, 2020, but the unfollowing suddenly has fans worried about the status of their relationship. Neither has commented on the situation (stay tuned for more updates), and Flair's last Instagram post featuring El Idolo was back at the start of the month when she wished him a happy birthday. 

"This time three years ago you came into my life and forever changed it," Flair wrote. "I can't help but get butterflies thinking of all those first adventures we had together! I still get those same butterflies every time I fly home from a few days on the road and getting to kiss you for the first time! I have watched you grow as a man and have loved every second by your side. You continue to teach me the little things in life that matter most 🙏🏻 but also to watch you chase your dreams and make the hard decisions that are sometimes scary. You make me so proud. You have come so far and it is only the beginning. The last year was a blessing in disguise for our schedule. I will never take for granted being able to have so much time with you. Date nights and all 🥂Keep shining papi and I can't wait to see what this year brings you ❤️ but most importantly I hope all your wishes come true! I love you as big as the sky."

Andrade departed from the WWE earlier this year, and Flair has talked in multiple interviews about supporting him despite them being in separate companies. 

"I'm WWE homegrown," Flair told Bleacher Report earlier this year. "I think that's what people forget. I'm a product of the PC. That would be so scary to me to leave my home, which is WWE. To know that he has traveled the world and that he'll continue to travel the world and make a bigger name for himself, I'm so excited for him."

"What I'm helping him with definitely is not what he's helping me with," she added. "With him, he obviously works with me on the moves. I have a style now obviously because I've been on Raw and SmackDown since 2015, but just working with my performance and I work with him on presentation. Half of the battle is being a star. I feel like, which people forget a lot of the time, is that it is present whether it's promos or... I can't give away the magic, but I work with presentation and he works with wrestling. You swap it."