AEW: CJ Perry (Lana) Responds to Julia Hart Trying to Tempt Miro

Ever since Miro was sprayed with Malakai Black's corrupting mist, "The Redeemer" has openly debated on whether or not he should join The House of Black as a means of waging war against his god. This week's AEW Dynamite took that a step further as Julia Hart approached Miro and urged him to embrace the "gift" Black had given him. She attempted to touch his face (and the potentially infected eye), only for Miro to stop her and say only one woman is allowed to touch "The Redeemer." This was yet another reference to CJ Perry (fka Lana in WWE), Miro's real-life wife whom he often references in his promos though is never onscreen. He then swore he'd use the "gift" to destroy The House of Black. 

Perry took note of Miro's latest mention on Twitter as the episode was airing live. She then took to Twitter to show that Hart was now following her account. 

Perry hasn't wrestled in any capacity since her sudden release from WWE in mid-2021. She recently spoke with WrestleZone and said she's open to working again, but only if the right storyline is involved. 

"If it is something like with Nia, we're going after the championship, like that made sense because I've never been a champion so I'm willing to put my body on the line for it. But at the same time, I really think my strength is talking and helping drive other people's stories, being the mouthpiece, and I wanna come back and I wanna solidify being an icon and a legend. I don't wanna just come back and do mediocre stuff. No, I don't need to, and I don't want to. I want to come back only if I can do great stuff, and I don't put it in a box. If it's like having a wrestling match or managing, no, I love it all, and I'm willing to do it all. But the story has to be there because people connect with stories," Perry said.

"I love professional wrestling because of the stories, the stories that are resolved in the ring. It's awesome having dream matches, it's great," she added. "But me personally, I connect to things that are story-driven, even if it's a soap opera where it resolves in the ring. That's why I fell in love with professional wrestling. I'm a professional dancer, I'm an actor, I'm a storyteller, and I believe that if you tell the right story, there's nothing like professional wrestling because it's the only place that we then [get to] beat each other up to resolve our conflict. I think that's freaking rad."