AEW Superstar Darby Allin Reveals How He Ended Up on TLC's Sex Sent Me to the ER

An AEW Superstar revealed how he ended up on TLC’s Sex Sent Me to the ER. Now, there’s a whole lot to unpack in that sentence but Darby Allin has the time. He talked to Chris Van Vliet about his appearance on the strange TLC reality show. It turns out, he concocted a story about an intimate encounter with a grandma. When things got a little spicy, Allin said that he rolled over onto a bees’ nest and got attacked. It’s a pretty wild story, and it came from a place of real desperation. The AEW star was broke at the time and needed the money somehow. It worked out and TLC sprung for a hotel room and $800, so mission accomplished.

Darby began, “There was this show ‘Sex Sent Me To The ER’ and I wrote in with this fake-ass story about hiking in the woods with a grandma and then we were making love and then we rolled over on a bees’ nest and we thought it was like dead — the nest was like there were no bees in there — and then the bees came out and attacked us.”

Even more incredible is that when TLC called the wrestler back, he needed to find someone to play the woman that he had been having relations with. One quick trip to Craigslist and he had an actress willing to commit to this crazy story. If you’re interested in the episode, it’s called “Cougars and Bees” and still exists on TLC’s YouTube page. A lot of AEW fans are discovering this fact and can’t believe this whole thing went down.

TLC describes Sex Sent Me to the ER:

Sex Sent Me to the ER shows you hilarious and horrifying sex-related injuries. Having sex while skydiving? Falling in a grave after having sex in a cemetery? Being bit by a giant centipede during sex? These are just some of the extraordinary situations ordinary people get themselves into while being too adventurous with their significant others.

But when dreaming up these outrageous fantasies, most don't expect such activities to land them in the emergency room as a result. Viewers will head into the emergency room for all new horrifying and hilarious sex adventures turned medical mishaps. Retold by emergency room physicians and the actual couples who took part in the sexual escapades.


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