Will Ospreay vs. Orange Cassidy, Shibata's Surprise Debut Steal the Show at AEW Forbidden Door

Will Ospreay vs. Orange Cassidy wound up stealing the show on Sunday night at Forbidden Door during their IWGP United States Championship match. Cassidy came inches away from bringing the US title back to AEW multiple times, including via his Orange Crush finisher and a counter to Ospreay's Stormbreaker. But Ospreay was able to finally put Cassidy away on his second Stormbreaker attempt. 

Ospreay and Aussie Open then attempted to gang up on Cassidy, prompting Roppongi Vice to run back out and try to make the save. Katuyori Shibata then made his surprise AEW debut and drove away all three men. Cassidy thanked him by handing one of the New Three Musketeers his aviators. 

A quick look at the Twitter reactions shows just how well the match was received. While Ospreay retained his US title, Juice Robinson arrived in the arena still holding the physical belt while claiming to be champion (he was forced to vacate the title weeks ago).

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