Jon Moxley Retains the AEW World Championship Despite Interference From MJF

Jon Moxley walked out of this week's AEW Dynamite with his world championship, despite the best efforts of MJF and Wardlow. Late in the match between Moxley and Darby Allin, Wardlow stomped his way down the entrance ramp to distract the referee while Friedman slid into the ring and bashed Moxley across the face with the world championship belt. Allin made it back to his feet and nailed a Coffin Drop, but Mox kicked out at the last split-second.

Friedman and Wardlow both retreated, clearly indicating that they wanted Allin to win in order to have an easier title match at All Out.

The bout ended with Moxley hitting a Gotch Piledriver (which Allin miraculously kicked out of), followed by a Paradigm Shift.

Moxley ended the show by embracing an unconscious Allin, showing that he clearly has a ton of respect for the young man.


After the show, Moxley cut a promo on Friedman.

"That kid's got balls. That kid has got heart," Moxley said, pointing at Allin. "And it's a little scrambled right now, I'm not sure exactly what happened but I got a pretty good idea. There's a kid out there (Friedman) with no heart. And even if he did, it stops beating real soon. He's a deadman."