Photo: Jon Moxley Shares a Gnarly Photo of His Back From After His Fyter Fest Match With Joey Janela

Jon Moxley's debut match for AEW at Fyter Fest on Saturday night turned out to be just as violent as people expected. The bout, which was contested under Non-Sanctioned rules, saw the two hit each other with everything from chairs and boards wrapped in barbed wires, to tables, ladders and chairs to multiple bags full of thumbtacks.

In the end Moxley came out on top, winning by hitting Janela with his new finisher (referred to in New Japan as "The Death Rider." On Monday Moxley showed the after effects of the match with a photo of his back, showing the dozens of cuts he suffered.

After the violent main event bout Moxley was attacked from behind by Kenny Omega, who was returning the favor for attacking him after the main event of Double or Nothing.

Following the show AEW president Tony Khan spoke with members of the media, where he clarified that the level of violence and profanity seen on the show won't be as present for AEW's weekly two-hour live show on TNT, which will start this fall.

"No, definitely not," Khan said. "This was not TV, this was a streaming show. It was effectively a pay-per-view in a lot of the world, in the US it was presented free, but it was a pay-per-view. So you can expect different rules for pay-per-view. And we said going in, these are non-sanctioned, hardcore matches. And I think that was the expectation going in, and we wouldn't have advertised that kind of violence. We wouldn't have offered that on TNT, 100% no."

Saturday night's show in Daytona Beach was also the first AEW show to feature one-on-one stipulation matches, including the main event. Khan stated that those would also be kept mostly on pay-per-views.


"It depends on the show," Khan said. "This is a special show. I think you'll see more stipulations on pay-per-views and streaming specials. And I think [with] the TV show, you'll probably see more straight wrestling matches and less stipulations. So this was the kind of format [we'll use] and at All Out we'll see some stipulation matches, for sure. We have some really exciting stuff planned for All Out. And I think in that element you'll probably see more that you will in our weekly two-hour television show.

Photo: Thomas Tischio/AEW