Watch: Jon Moxley Stabs Santana in the Eye on AEW Dynamite


Jon Moxley took the phrase "an eye for an eye" to an extreme level on this week's AEW Dynaite, as the former WWE Champion got some payback on The Inner Circle for stabbing him in the eye with a metal spike several weeks ago. Moxley opened this week's episode by beating Ortiz in a singles match, but was then attacked by his tag partner Santana. As the rest of the Inner Circle cheered from the commentary booth, Moxley got the advantage with a Paradigm Shift and whipped out the keys to the Ford GT he stole from Chris Jericho. He then placed the key between his knuckle and stabbed Santana square in the eye.

Mox managed to escape through the crowd before the rest of the faction could make it to the ring.