Kenny Omega Responds to Andrade El Idolo Wanting the AEW World Championship

Kenny Omega and Andrade El Idolo will face off for the AAA Mega Championship at AAA's Triplemania [...]

Kenny Omega and Andrade El Idolo will face off for the AAA Mega Championship at AAA's Triplemania XXIX event on Aug. 14. But the former NXT Champion doesn't just want that title, based off an interview he gave on AEW Dynamite with Jim Ross. Andrade said at the time, "I want, no, I deserve the opportunity for the TNT Title and the AEW World Title. It's my next step." Omega finally responded to that claim on Twitter this week, writing back, "I checked the win/loss record. He ain't even close. Wins and losses count here, brah."

Andrade has yet to actually compete in an AEW ring. Meanwhile, Omega has to defend his AEW title against Jungle Boy on a special Saturday night edition of AEW Dynamite this week.

During an appearance on Scorpio Sky's Wrestling With The Week last month, "The Cleaner" talked about the physical toll it takes to hold world championships in three different promotions at the same time. Weeks after that it was reported Omega was battling through multiple injuries.

"It's a blessing but a curse," Omega said. "As champion, you get some high-quality matches, you become the focal point of the shows, but at the same time, there's a schedule that is required and a demand for your body and health and your psychological health as well. There's just a lot that goes into being a champion.t's cool to look at pictures and be like, 'wow, look at all these belts,' but then I think, 'Man, I have to defend these. I've got to make time to defend these. I have to be that guy for the company somehow. And you just count the days and weeks that you're available to do it. It's requiring a lot of multi-tasking. But I'm still hanging on. And I can do it right now, so I'm going to do it. It may be my last hurrah, but I'm going to do it."

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