AEW's Kenny Omega Teases Challenging for the Impact World Championship

The closing minutes of this week's Impact Wrestling featured the long-awaited arrival of AEW World [...]

The closing minutes of this week's Impact Wrestling featured the long-awaited arrival of AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. Both he and Don Callis stayed inside of a tour bus throughout the show before finally being interviewed by Josh Matthews. Callis started things off by explaining that the wheels for this plan were set in motion 27 years ago when he was first being trained to become a wrestler by Omega's uncle, The Golden Sheik.

"For all of Kenny's formative years I have looked after Kenny like the Sheik looked after me," Callis said. "Kenny always had something special and I've always been there, I've always been the invisible hand in his life like I've been in professional wrestling for the last number of years. Did you really think I got back into this business five years ago to do a podcast? Did you people honestly think that I came back out of a successful international business career be the color commentator for New Japan Pro-Wrestling. It was all part of the plan. It was all part of the plan for me to be next to Kenny when he won the IWGP Heavyweight title. It was all part of the plan for me to come to Impact Wrestling like I did. It was all part of the plan when Tony Khan invited me into his house, very graciously, at Kenny's request to call Kenny's match where he won the tournament over Adam Page.

"It was all part of the plan when I was such a good guy that Tony Khan graciously invited me back into his house to call the world title match against Jon Moxley," he added.

He then brought up his involvement in getting Omega vs. Chris Jericho booked for Wrestle Kingdom 12, a match he said "gave birth" to AEW.

Matthews then asked Omega if he felt his win over Moxley tarnished his legacy, which angered both men. Omega justified his actions by saying Moxley putting his hands on his father figure set him off. He then answered why they were at Impact, teasing that he wanted to collect the Impact World Championship.

"But why Impact Wrestling? Hey Don, I'm going to teach you something about myself," Omega said. "As a child, I considered myself a bit of a hobbyist. I was a collector. Well I had to quit. You know why? Because no matter how much money I spent, no matter how many rare comic books I collected, I could never get the most rarest, the most valuable prizes in the comic book industry. Now I found a new hobby and I found the most valuable prize of them all. The Action Comics No. 1. And hell, I don't mind if I add X-Men No. 1 to my collection, the AAA title. I don't mind if I add a Spider-Man No. 1 to my collection. Who knows, maybe that's the Impact Championship? You guys have got a great champion right?"

Omega closed out the segment by promising a major announcement on AEW Dynamite, then gave his signature "Goodbye and Good Night" farewell.

Reigning Impact World Champion Rich Swann was shown just before the segment, as security prevented him from entering the same parking lot as Omega.

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