Watch: AEW's Max Caster Calls Out Top Dolla After AEW Dynamite

In case you missed it, Top Dolla of the SmackDown faction Hit Row started up a war of words with AEW this past week when he called out its wrestlers for wearing fake sneakers on television. He initially wrote, "Some of y'all favorite wrestlers only wear sneakers on-camera to seem 'cool & hip' but in real life they rock vans and ASICS exclusively... but y'all not ready for that conversation." This prompted The Young Bucks to fire back by changing their Twitter bio to take credit for making Dolla trend on Twitter for a while, prompting him to release a diss track. 

The beef finally moved beyond social media on Saturday night when The Acclaimed appeared after AEW Dynamite. Max Caster cut his usual rap promo on the way to the ring, poking fun at NXT for consistently beating them in the ratings and being a better rapper than Dolla.

Dolla responded with a few posts on Twitter. Whether or not this thing is actually over is anybody's guess, but let us know what you think of it down in the comments! 

In an interview with The New York Post earlier this week, AEW president Tony Khan discussed the benefits of AEW and WWE competing head-to-head

"We can build a big audience for this weekend," Khan said. "We've never had anything like this before with three hours of live wrestling on TNT on a weekend other than a pay-per-view. There are a ton of things happening at this time of year, there's a lot of sports. There's a lot of competition outside of wrestling. So if we're going to start trying to directly head-to-head compete with each other at this time of year where there are all these other things happening in sports, let's go. I'm not the one who threw the gloves off, but if somebody has to do the talking and sell the fight I will be the one to do it. In this case, I am doing all the talking and all the selling of the fight. I do think we need to go back to an era where there is all this excitement about the shows. It's clearly built buzz because a lot of people are talking about it.

"We got a great opportunity to draw people on the weekend in a new position for us," he added. "Rampage has launched very recently and we've had this great run of Wednesdays where we've had six straight weeks as the No. 1 show on all of cable television on Wednesday. And now Dynamite is being moved to a relatively unfamiliar Saturday night time slot. Three hours of weekend wrestling is very different. I put together the Buy-In as a response, but that took some time. I wasn't able to do that right away. So I wanted to let people know the gloves are off."