Sammy Guevara Shows Off Nasty Injuries From AEW Blood & Guts Match

Sammy Guevara took some of the craziest bumps of the night during AEWs' first Blood & Guts match on this week's Dynamite. "The Spanish God" took to Instagram on Thursday to show off his injuries from the night before, including some massive bruises and a major cut down the back of his right arm. Guevara wound up ending the match for his team, surrendering to The Pinnacle after MJF threatened to toss Chris Jericho off the roof of the cage (which he did anyway).

"The aftermath," Guevara wrote in the caption.

But while Guevara is showing off his scars, the Pinnacle has been taking a victory lap on social media.

Leading up to the show, Guevara spoke with DAZN about why his plans for an Impact Wrestling run fell through. Earlier in the year Guevara was written off television after frustrations with MJF caused him to "quit" the group. In reality he was supposed to appear at a few Impact TV tapings, but that idea was scrapped over reported booking disagreements.


"I think it got blown way out of proportion," Guevara said. "Basically, some stuff was presented to me, I didn't feel like it worked for me and for what Sammy Guevara is, so I declined that. Then they declined to want to use me or whatnot. So that it's totally fine. It was amicable, almost of the just us agreeing like, 'Ok, this is business. Maybe we'll work something out in the future'. Then all of a sudden, it wound up on the dirt sheets, and it blew up.

"I wish you could have stayed close to the vest," he continued. "I felt like it wasn't necessary for any of this to become public knowledge because it was done behind doors. So why are we opening the doors for everyone to see? But it is what it is. You can't change what we can't change. I wish Impact nothing but the best. I've said that many times. They got Kenny (Omega) as the champ right now. It seems like they're doing good. They just had a good pay per view it seems like."