AEW's Samoa Joe Retains ROH World Television Championship on Rampage

The main event of tonight's AEW Rampage featured a battle for the Ring of Honor TV Championship between Samoa Joe and Trent, and after the introductions, it was time for the match. Joe opened things up with a powerful shoulder tackle that sent Trent to the corner, and then Joe came in with strikes that knocked him down to the mat. A chop and another punch followed and then Joe sent Trent into the corner turnbuckle and connected with a kick to the head to send him out of the ring. Joe went for Trent but he dodged the move and got a kick of his own in followed by a moonsault that knocked Joe down to the floor.

Trent followed Joe around the ring and gave a chop of his own but Joe reversed a move and kicked Trent in the head to knock him down to the floor. Joe got Trent back in the ring and worked on his neck and back, and then left him reeling after another punch. He would come back swinging though, knocking Joe off of his feet and to the floor.

Then he jumped up top and crashed onto Joe on the floor, and while he connected and did some damage to Joe, he would grab his leg too. They were both in the ring and trading chops and then Trent hit a Lariat that stunned Joe. Trent pushed Joe into the corner and then hit a Tornado DDT into a cover but Joe kicked out.

Joe then lifted Trent and slammed him with a PowerBomb but Trent kicked out. He then transitioned into an STF and covered Trent's eyes to keep him from escaping, but Trent managed to get his foot on the bottom rope, causing Joe to have to let go. Joe then slapped Trent and pushed him again, and then pushed him a third time, but Trent chopped him only to get clotheslined by Joe. Joe stuck him up top in the corner and then lifted him up but Trent rolled him up and almost go the pin. A dropkick followed and then he charged towards Joe in the corner, but Joe countered and slammed him down and then locked in the Quochina Clutch, and that was it for Trent. Joe is still your ROH World Television Champion.

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