Tony Khan Explains How AEW's Creative Team Works

All Elite Wrestling held its second live event in company history, Fyter Fest, on Saturday night in Daytona Beach, Florida. With every event comes a slew of interviews from the company's top talent and higher-ups, giving fans a better understanding of how the young promotion operates before it starts airing a weekly live wrestling show on TNT starting this fall. During a nearly 30-minute media scrum on Saturday night, AEW president Tony Khan was asked about the promotion's creative team and who gets to make certain decisions.

Unlike the WWE, where the hierarchy of agents, writers, producers and executive directors is completely overshadowed by Vince McMahon's decisions, Khan stated the creative team is entirely by-committee.

"Since inception, it's been a committee," Khan said. "I think it's like a lot of wrestling companies probably function with one person who's at the end of the day has to make calls and go over everything. But with a bunch of people working together, we have a system. We have a group of coaches that go through each match and every match has a coach. And then we have the EVPs [Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson], who creatively are working together on everything. But not everybody is necessarily working the same amount of everything."

He then went on to explain what responsibilities Omega, Rhodes, the Young Bucks have backstage.

"For example, Kenny Omega. [He's ] super involved and personally coaching the women's matches," he continued. "But me, I'm going over everything with everybody to some degree. And so yeah, it's a committee and we have a lot of people that are really involved in different levels."

"The executive vice presidents all have an incredible amount of input because everyone's got their own things that they focus on, not just their... own angles, but other people's angles too. They all are really involved," he continued. "The Young Bucks are super involved and what goes on in tag team wrestling and our company and Cody, not just in the singles but with so many people throughout the roster and our production and every one of them comes up with things that you wouldn't believe, like little elements to the show."

He also mentioned how Christopher Daniels and Chris Jericho, two veterans in the business, contribute to the creative team as well.


AEW's next event, Fight for the Fallen, will take place in Jacksonville on July 13.

Photo: AEW/Ricky Havlik

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