AEW Shares New Update on First Console Game, Kenny Omega Jokes About WWE's Xavier Woods Being Preloaded

The latest edition of AEW Games' 2.Show premiered on YouTube on Thursday. Hosted by Kenny Omega [...]

The latest edition of AEW Games' 2.Show premiered on YouTube on Thursday. Hosted by Kenny Omega and Brandon Cutler, the stream cut to Cody Rhodes at the DDP Yoga Studio in Atlanta where Yuke's developers and wrestlers were working on capturing in-game audio for All Elite Wrestling's first console game. Rhodes mentioned thousands of unique sounds will be added in, and wrestlers were shown recreating everything from front bumps to kendo stick shots to table spots.

"If you expect anything, expect a brand new experience," Rhodes said. "That's what AEW was from the first show to now, it's always a brand-new experience. Expectations are perhaps the [highest] for any game in wrestling ever, and they should be."

The stream then cut back to Omega, who said they still don't have a release date ironed out yet but thankfully haven't run into any major setbacks. He then joked with Cutler about not wanting a Cyberpunk 2077 situation, referencing the much-maligned launch of CD Projekt Red's latest title.

The two then talked about the Create-A-Wrestler feature that will be in the game, and Omega joked about having WWE's Xavier Woods preloaded into the game and that he'll be lucky if he gets entrance music.

During the first 2.Show Omega confirmed a number of features and discussed how the game will play compared to classic WWF arcade cabinets and the WWE 2K simulation style of gameplay.

"I would say it's neither," Omega said. "Taking a look at complete simulation-based wrestling, the first thing that pops into my mind is Fire Pro. That has a huge fan base in its own right. However, I think there's a lot people that find that when you really take the simulation aspect and ramp it up too high it eliminates some of the fun from people that just want to get in the game and mix it up with your buddies and really feel the speed and the fun that some of the older games were able to provide. Is it going to be a full simulation? No, but do I want the players to feel like when you're doing the moves that you're controlling the actual wrestling character? Yes, that's really important. I would expect speed in the terms of arcade play, but moves, countering systems, submissions, al; that to feel like how you would feel if you were actually in the ring with your opponent."

Stay tuned for further updates on AEW's first console title as they become available.