AEW Teaming Up With a Major Warner Bros. IP (Update)

AEW President Tony Khan announced in an interview with TV Insider this week that the pro wrestling promotion will be teaming with one of Warner Bros. Discovery's "hugely prestigious IP(s)." When asked about AEW's partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery in the wake of their merger, Khan said, "For such a hands-on, strong, and respected management team to have identified AEW multiple times in their presentation is something that is important. Privately and in business, I'm seeing it like that on a daily basis. Since the Shark Week integration was such a great success, we're working on another huge partnership that I'm very excited about in terms of creativity and a hugely prestigious IP that we're being trusted to partner with. I believe it's because we have shown we can do a good job with integrations and be easy and fun and collaborative and have a good audience that makes us good partners.

"We recently also collaborated on a panel with AEW representation at Comic-Con through the Warner Bros. Discovery PR and media team," he added. "They were so helpful. That was a huge success. Now I'm excited about another integration that hasn't been announced yet. I'm very pumped about it. It's going to be very soon. The IP is very prestigious in the world of television. The partnership represents another really good sign that Warner Bros. Discovery likes what AEW is doing."

AEW has been working with Warner Bros. ever since AEW Dynamite launched on TNT back in 2019. The current television deal has TBS airing Dynamite each week on Wednesday nights while Rampage and quarterly Battle of the Belts events air on TNT. 

Khan said, "I'm very excited about the reception we've gotten from the management of Warner Bros. Discovery, which has been the most engagement we've had, and being involved in the company's biggest initiatives. It was in a meeting with several of the top executives in the new Warner Bros. Discovery family several months ago when they mentioned the idea of getting AEW involved with Shark Week in co-promotion. I suggested Fyter Fest and Shark Week would go together perfectly. It was an incredibly successful promotion for everyone involved. Management from Warner Bros. Discovery reached out to say they were very pleased all-around with that partnership. That integration was one of two slides in the recent main presentation that involved AEW as company highlights, which is so great for us because we have this hands-on management with Warner Bros. Discovery. They are putting their stamp on the new company, and we're part of their plans."

Update: Tony Khan has confirmed the partnership is with the upcoming HBO series House of the Dragon. 

h/t TV Insider