Baron Corbin Tells a Fan to Go Eat Crap

WWE announced on Thursday that King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler would team up for a tag match against The Usos on this week's Friday Night SmackDown. Unfortunately one fan didn't care for the announcement, complaining that every time the pair were onscreen they cared less and less about a match. The two heels fired back with insults, which turned out to be pretty funny.

"I'm so sorrry this is happening to you," Ziggler sarcastically wrote.

Back in September Corbin talked with about what it takes to be a hated heel in the modern WWE product.

"I think it's the ability to not want to feel cool," Corbin said. "You can walk out and want to be a bad guy, play your part, but if you still do cool things, cool moves, give them those moments, it's hard for people to hate you. I'm really good about studying what irritates people, because they complain about so much on social media and I can take those things and how do I amplify it. If they're going, 'Oh, Baron Corbin only knows four wrestling moves! He's the worse ever!' The next night I might do three, because I know it's going to irritate them. I'm always looking at what I can do to irritate them. It doesn't hurt my feelings when people boo me and I'm not concerned about being cool."

He also talked about how people obsess over his ring gear, namely when he changed over to Constable Corbin and started wearing vests and dress pants.

"It's crazy. All these people claim to hate me and hate everything about me," Corbin said. "But they truly obsess over every little detail. And I think that's part of having that 'it factor,' people are just drawn to what you're doing. They either hate every bit of it or love every bit of it.


"It's so funny, when I had long hair they're like, 'Aw, he's losing his hair he needs to shave his head.' Then [I] shave my head and the exact same fans goes, 'Aw man, he never should have shaved his head, his hair was great before!'" he added. "It's just one of those things where they can't make up their minds over."

Elsewhere on SmackDown this week, John Morrison will appear on a special episode of Miz TV with his former tag team partner The Miz.