Mark Henry Tries the Impossible; Defends Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin has never been a popular WWE Superstar. While that's all by design, the disdain for [...]

Baron Corbin has never been a popular WWE Superstar. While that's all by design, the disdain for Corbin since he became Raw's interim General Manager has reached an all-time high. But despite Seth Rollins blaming him for poor ratings and the WWE Universe despising him, Mark Henry wants to say some nice things about Corbin.

During his regular appearance on Sirius Busted Open Radio, Henry discussed Corbin's path into WWE, saying that even though his NFL background may be an advantage, WWE has turned away plenty of ex-professional athletes.

"[Corbin is] just like me. I didn't come from wrestling. I didn't know you could do it. How do you become a pro wrestler? I never asked a question because I never thought it was possible. Don't think there are a ton of pro football players that are lined up that WWE are going to sign and put in the ring. It's not going to happen. We had 10 NFL-type guys at the last camp I was at down in Orlando. We didn't sign any of them. Not one. So, don't think it's this easy crapshoot of let's roll these guys from the combine and make them a wrestler. That's not the way it works."

Henry is optimistic about Corbin's future in the company, citing the 34-year-old's mix of talent and commitment.

"[He] is a guy that is athletic, passionate about being a wrestler, and wanting to be good at it. He didn't want to just do it for the sake of doing it to make a dollar here, he wants to be somebody. If you look at his body of work he's on the right path. Whether you like him or not due to the role he's playing, that's just tough," said Henry.

Before Corbin became a corrupt authority figure, he was a stringy-haired Sons of Anarchy spinoff that few people seemed to enjoy. While he was never booked a hero, Corbin was apparently an NXT favorite of Vince McMahon's. Upon his arrival to the main roster, Corbin was attached to rumors of being a top champion in the company. When he won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32 in his debut, it seemed like he was destined to be a major player in the company. However, despite being supplied ample opportunity, Corbin never could ta into a compelling character as was eventually lost in the shuffle.

But since moving to Raw this year, Corbin has found his niche. After a much-needed haircut, Corbin has installed a decision maker on Raw and eventually promoted to interim GM. He'll fight Braun Strowman this Sunday at TLC for the right to remove his interim tag and become Raw's permanent authority figure.

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