Becky Lynch Mocks Ronda Rousey for Getting 'Becky' Chants During Raw Promo

After getting blasted by Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series, you'd think the WWE Universe could [...]

After getting blasted by Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series, you'd think the WWE Universe could spare some sympathy for Ronda Rousey. But during her Raw promo this week, instead of supporting Rousey, fans chanted for Becky Lynch.

And that did not go unnoticed by the SmackDown Women's Champion.

Since she's dealing with a broken nose and reported concussion Lynch had plenty of free time for social media. This has made her an assassin on Twitter as of late so when Rousey accused Lynch of "penis envy" earlier this week, it was only a matter of time until Lynch fired back.

Using the spin-off of "me-ness envy" Lynch pointed out that Rousey's Raw promo was interrupted by chants of "We Want Becky."

Lynch seems to be well aware that she's unconditionally backed by a large chunk of the WWE Universe. While she's always been popular, Lynch is in the early stages of leading her own movement. Since turning on Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam, Becky has been collecting fans at a remarkable pace. Her championship win at Hell in Cell marked WWE hopping on the Lynch Train and there's no stopping in sight.

Lynch's pair of injuries came six days before she was supposed to meet Rousey at Survivor Series. During a pre-Survivor Series brawl. Lynch was on the wrong end of a Nia Jax punch that instantly broke her nose. Within seconds her face and arms were blood-smeared but despite the injury, Lynch carried out her business. The triumphant and bloody images from Lynch's Raw performance have already become iconic as we may look back to that night as the official starting point of her personal revolution.

Charlotte Flair stepped in for Lynch as Rousey's Survivor Series opponent. Despite the short notice, that match proved to be highly entertaining but will be remembered for Flair's heinous attack on Rousey. using chair shots and kendo sticks, Flair littered Rousey's body with cuts and bruises. A battered Rousey addressed the attack on Raw, but as mentioned, didn't get the love that she and WWE were aiming for.

No matter who you're rooting for, it's become obvious that the women of WWE are leading the company. Some of that has to do with John Cena and Roman Reigns being out, but most of it has to do with the exceptional work of women like Lynch, Rousey, Flair, and Jax. For right now, and likely to foreseeable future, WWE would be smart to continue to lean heavily on the women's hot hand. As this rate, it certainly looks like we'll get the first-ever women's main event at WrestleMania.