Watch: Becky Lynch Hits Stone Cold Stunner on Charlotte Flair at WWE Show

Becky Lynch's explosive 2018 has drawn plenty of comparisons to the Austin 3:16 movement. While [...]

Becky Lynch's explosive 2018 has drawn plenty of comparisons to the Austin 3:16 movement. While she has yet to crack open a Coors Light in the ring, she did just nail Charlotte Flair with a Stunner.

Thanks to the internet we have footage of Lynch hitting the iconic combination of a kick to the gut followed by Austin's Stunner. Lynch didn't win the match with the hallowed move, something that may irk Austin, but she did get a great reaction from the crowd (video credit to @BigChrisSpirito).

Lynch isn't the first WWE Superstar to whip out the Stunner as Kevin Owens did it earlier this year. Austin did remark on KO using his old move, but when Owens first unleashed it during a 2017 Royal Rumble match against Roman Reigns, The Texas Rattlesnake wasn't impressed. This lead to Austin inviting KO onto the Steve Austin Show where he meticulously broke down the proper steps to hitting the best Stunner.

"When you kick the guy right in the gut, right in the diaphragm, boom. You sap his lungs full out of all the oxygen," Austin said. "You suck the oxygen right out of his lungs. All of a sudden, his brain's like [choking noise]. 'I need to breathe. I'm 'bout halfway blown up.' This is deep in the match. 'I need oxygen.'"

"So that kick isn't just about bending him over a little so that you have easier access to the head," Owens gathered.

"Now, let's take double body weight: 500 pounds, give or take, hittin' you with an uppercut," Austin continued. "That's both men's weight coming down on that shoulder. You hit your ass on the mat, the mat springs you back up. The vertebrae in your back give that energy a direct path through the shoulder to his damn jawbone. Wham. Lights out. That's how scientific it is, Kevin," said Austin.

So far, Austin has yet to send any pointers Lynch's way, but given how quickly the internet works, he could respond at any moment,

For Lynch, this is yet another positive headline for her 2018 collection. Lynch may be the most beloved Superstar on WWE's roster at the moment and a lot of that has to do with her new anti-hero attitude. While she's no doing a Stone Cold impressions, fans have latched to her for a similar reason as they did Austin. Lynch's popularity came organically, not via a written storyline. Like Daniel Bryan, Lynch created a grassroots movement that quickly became big enough to push the entire company forward. 2019 should be Lynch's best year yet.