Big Cass Suffers Seizure at House of Hardcore Event on Saturday Night

Former WWE star Big Cass had a scary incident on Saturday night at the House of Hardcore event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The show, which was being promoted by Tommy Dreamer at the former ECW Arena, was in the midst of intermission in the lobby. Fans were everywhere as they mingled with the wrestlers, buying merchandise and pictures, when all of the sudden Cass reportedly went to the ground and flat on his face.

According to reports, Cass eventually came to, awake and eyes open, and was communicating with staff. Tommy Dreamer and Bubba Ray Dudley were at his side as they kept him on his back. He was loaded into an ambulance and taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

Later in the night, Tommy Dreamer came out to the ring to address the fans on the situation. Dreamer also wanted to make it known that this was not a drug related incident, noting that he was with Cass all day.

Cass was released from WWE following a feud and two high profile losses to Daniel Bryan. Early in the year, the WWE front office was reportedly very high on pushing Cass to the top of the card but he fell out of their graces throughout the spring. One of the reasons given was an incident where he went away from the script on live television during SmackDown Live. Even so, his release came as quite a surprise at the time.