Big E Talks About How Wrong People Were About The New Day

Big E returned to Talking Smack this week. The show last Saturday saw he and The Miz get into a spat concerning opportunities on the main roster. Big E talked about how he got to where he is today by hard work and being himself and how he wasn't receptive to people who said he needs to act more serious to get a justified singles push. This week, during his return to the show, he talked about how people said the same thing about The New Day and ended up being flat wrong.

"These were the same conversations we were having when we were starting as a trio," Big E said. "When people said, 'No, the way you're behaving now, as a faction, does not work. It will not work.' And we proved people wrong. We proved that we could forge our own path. I'm letting you know, I understand where you're coming from. I understand that this has always been the formula in wrestling. This has always been the formula in WWE. Now, when it's your time to step up, you have to be serious. You have to get rid of the shorts. I understand that.

"We've been able to forge a path on our own, to me, that is unique. So many people buried us to our faces. So many people buried us behind our backs in 2014, and said 'This will not work! It's going to fail. You're going to be gone. This will not work!' We were told that time and time again, but we did it on our own. I'm so proud of that, we stepped out on our own, that we did what we felt right to us. That we trusted our gut. We trusted our intuition, we said, Kofi, Woods, E, we're gonna do us because we believe in us as a trio."

He went on to discuss the original idea for New Day, with them being a gospel trio, and how if they had stuck with that version of the team he probably wouldn't even be in WWE today.

"We made something beautiful when we never should have made it," Big E recalled. "In 2014, the way we were received, we never should have gotten off the ground. I shouldn't even be here! I shouldn't even have a job, but we trusted in each other and said above all else, when we hear outside noise — forget all that."

He finished by talking about how he knows when to turn it on and be serious after over a decade with the company.

"I want to trust my instincts and intuition, I've been in this company for 11 years," Big E said. "And if I don't understand, right now, what feels right. If I don't understand what feels appropriate for me. I don't deserve to be here. If I can't trust my intuition and my gut, I don't deserve to be here. I'm not saying I'm going to clown around, week in and week out. I'm not telling you that. Trust me, I have a barometer in myself. Trust me that I know when to steer the ship left or right, I know when to get serious."


Big E will wrestle Sheamus on Sunday night at WWE Payback. will have full coverage of the show as it is ongoing live.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript