Watch: Big E and Xavier Woods Continue to Voice Outrage Over Kofi Kingston's Booking

Kofi Kingston was once again robbed of a shot at the WWE Championship on Tuesday night. After [...]

Kofi Kingston was once again robbed of a shot at the WWE Championship on Tuesday night. After successfully completing Vince McMahon's challenge of beating five men in a gauntlet match — Sheamus, Cesaro, Rowan, Samoa Joe and Randy Orton — Kingston's celebration was cut short when he was forced to wrestle reigning WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Big E and Xavier Woods of the New Day were furious about the situation as they helped Kingston get backstage after the loss, and argued in a WWE YouTube video that the trio should consider leaving the company if they're never allowed to break the glass ceiling. E and Woods continued to tease those sentiments on Wednesday as they both uploaded videos to their Twitter accounts voicing their frustrations.

"You think of this business, to some degree, being a meritocracy," E said. "That if you work hard, you show up early, you stay late, you do all the right things, you jump through all the right hoops, you're respectful, you don't break the law, that you get good at your craft... you do everything that's asked of you in this business that if you do all those things you have a good chance of making it to the top.

"But now we understand the game. We see what the game is — that people like us will only get so far," he continued. "That you can climb the mountain. They'll let you climb the mountain, but as far as getting to the peak and staying at the peak — it's not a thing that people like us, historically and moving forward clearly, can only get so far. So you know, we've done a lot of cool things here. We've been able to do a lot of things we never imagined we could do but clearly we are never meant to be more than this. And for people like us that's not enough. And it will never be enough. So we've got to sit back and think whether, you know, continuing to be gone for 250 days-plus a year is worth it. Of missing the family time, of doing this to our bodies — leaving a piece of yourself in the ring that you can never get back. All the things we give, if it's worth it when we can only get this far. So we've got a lot of thinking to do. You know, obviously proud of Kofi, proud of us as a trio, proud of what we've done, but if this is all we ever be? I don't know if it's worth it."

Woods, who was at a Game Developers Conference, posted a video of his own several hours later.

"We have other things that we enjoy doing," Woods said. "Me, I love video games. I'm apart of this community and I love this community with all of my heart. And this community loves me back. That's a relationship that I am willing to be in. And considering the fact that I am attempting to create a small video game studio, that is another skill that I have. That is another way to feed myself and the family that I have. So you fully understand, constantly being treated in the way that we, The New Day, has been treated, and will most likely be treated from here on out, I just want to say that I appreciate what you did Vince. Thank you very much. Because it's definitely shown me which direction I need to go in to take care of myself and take care of my family."

Kingston initially pushed back against Woods and E wanting the three of them to quit, saying that McMahon and Bryan win if they surrender.