Bobby Lashley Teases Heel Turn on Raw Against Kevin Owens

Bobby Lashley appeared to have turned to the dark side this week as he gave Kevin Owens a vicious beating after their match on Monday Night Raw in Chicago.

Lashley and Owens previously competed in a tag match involving John Cena and Elias at Super Show-Down on Saturday, and their feud carried over into a singles match on Monday night. Lashley was joined by his manager Lio Rush at ringside, who used a live microphone throughout the match to hype up his client while taunting Owens.

Late in match Rush distracted Owens from attempting to hit a moonsault from the top rope, allowing Lashley to trip Owens into falling into the Tree of Woe. He repeatedly hit Owens' damaged leg before hitting him with a slamming finisher to end the match.

Just as Lashley and Rush began making their way up the ramp, he turned around and ran back into the ring to continue attacking Owens' injured leg. He then slammed both legs into the steel post at ringside and pushed away a referee when he attempted to break things up.

Shortly afterwards the two appeared backstage to interrupt a promo between the mixed-tag team of Finn Balor and Bayley.

"Did you just see what my man Bobby Lashley did out there to Kevin Owens?" Rush said with a grin on his face. "Man Kayla (Braxton), this is your scoop right here."

Bayley tried to brush them off, prompting Lashley to speak.

"Why do we need to be talking about some hugs when you just saw that butt-whooping I put out there. I ripped Kevin Owens into pieces."

"With the Man of the Hour's words, and my man's power, now that my friends is too sweet," Rush added, mocking Balor's old catchphrase from his days in Bullet Club.

The turn comes as a relief to many fans given Lashley's lukewarm reception in recent months. He returned to the WWE for the first time in a decade the night after WrestleMania 34, but showed none of the heel tendencies that had made him popular in Impact Wrestling.


Following fueds with Sami Zayn, Roman Reigns and Elias, Lashley was paired with Rush as his "hype man" in early September.

During his hiatus Lashley developed a successful career in mixed martial arts, earning a 15-2 professional record as he competed in promotions such as Bellator and Strikeforce.