Watch: Booker T Says He's Talking With Stevie Ray About a Harlem Heat Return Match

Ever since Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder cut a promo on Booker T back at the TLC Kickoff show, the former tag team champions have been pushing hard on social media for a match between The Revival and the WWE Hall of Fame tag team Harlem Heat. And while nothing has materialized on actual WWE programming as of yet, Booker has continued to fan the flames with comments on his Hall of Fame podcast. He was also given the chance to dicuss it on this week's WWE Backstage, and gave a solid sign that the match could actually happen.

"You know what? Me and my big brother, we talking about it," Booker said. "I got one left in me. One. Dawson. Wilder. Don't get jacked up, sucka!

Booker and his older brother Stevie Ray wrestled alongside each other from 1993-2000, winning the WCW World Tag Team Championships a record 10 times. The pair never wrestled on WWE television and haven't worked as a team since 2015 in Booker's Reality of Wrestling promotion. But a return match could give Dawson and Wilder something interesting to do while the expiration date on their WWE contracts draws closer.


"A fight is one thing, a match is something totally different. I think these guys look at me and my brother like we're two jabronies that ain't ready to fight," Booker said during a recent podcast episode. "These guys talking about a match. Me and my brother ain't off to wrestling nobody right now. But if they talking about a fight? I'm down. I ain't got time to putting on my trunks and boots and trying to dress up like one of these guys on the roster. I'm a businessman. These guys (are) trying to make a name for themselves, and they trying to do that at the expense of Booker T and Stevie Ray. I ain't no chump and I ain't backing out of no fight anytime soon.

"Dawson, Wilder. You want us? You might want to rethink that because you could be about to ruin your careers. I would question myself if I was you two, as far as wanting to wake up a sleeping giant," he continued. "Think about it."