Bray Wyatt Responds to Kevin Spacey's Bizarre Christmas Video

Bray Wyatt is one of the most versatile Superstars in the entire WWE roster, and although his [...]

Bray Wyatt is one of the most versatile Superstars in the entire WWE roster, and although his latest persona got off to a slow start with the fans, the slow burn and eventual reveal of "The Fiend" helped launch Wyatt to the top. His Firefly Fun House vignettes have been some of the most interesting to air as well as they strike a strange tone that most definitely sticks out from everything else in WWE's usually straightforward promotion. But this blend of killer and kindness isn't limited to Wyatt alone, and fans were given a strange reminder of this for the holidays.

Actor Kevin Spacey shared a strange promotional video to his YouTube channel, and the bizarre tone clashing with the Christmas imagery of it had fans reaching out to Wyatt for his thoughts on the whole deal. Responding to an inquiry from @BangBangPodcast about the fact it looked like Spacey was aping his style, Wyatt had the following to say:

"Every day people (falsely) accuse me of drawing inspiration from them. I laugh, because I am the only one that knows truly. However, when someone does it to me I get so excited! I wanted to be the first to say... I forgive you Kevin! No matter how naughty you are! Merry X-Mas!"

Not missing a beat, Wyatt delivered a response much like he would in the Firefly Fun House. With a smile hiding just a little bite underneath, Wyatt showed another great example of why he's currently the WWE Universal Champion on FOX's Friday Night SmackDown. As for Kevin Spacey, it's not quite clear what kind of purpose the promotional video is supposed to serve.

Spacey has been lying low following numerous allegations and accusations, and was let go from Netflix's House of Cards. This newest video sees him channeling his former Frank Underwood character once more, but it's not quite clear if he's promoting some sort of return. He released a bizarre promotional video last holiday season as well, and like this one, it had a strange ominous and threatening tone belied by the holiday decorations.

When Wyatt does it, it's to serve a purpose and to warn future opponents about The Fiend, so if Spacey is indeed channeling the Firefly Fun House in some fashion, the question of the matter is if there is supposed to be a threatening aura here -- what's it aiming towards?