Bray Wyatt Retains the WWE Universal Championship Against Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble

Daniel Bryan pushed Bray Wyatt to his absolute limit on Sunday night at the Royal Rumble, but in the end it was "The Fiend" who stood tall as the reigning WWE Universal Champion. The closing minutes of the match saw Bryan lock in the Yes Lock and use the leather strap to his advantage, only for Wyatt to roll out of it. Bryan then hit a Running Knee, but couldn't manage more than a two count. It looked like he was on the verge of hulking up with a Yes! Chant, but before he could start Wyatt quickly rose to his feet. The champ slammed Bryan to the mat while locking in the Mandible Claw, while the ref counted to three.


Afterwards Bryan tried to walk back under his own power, but kept collapsing on his way up the ramp.

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