Rumor On What's Next for Bray Wyatt in WWE

As we've learned with Becky Lynch this summer, a WWE Superstar can easily bounce out of the shadows an into the main event.

And Bray Wyatt may be next.

While Wyatt hasn't exactly been irrelevant in 2018, his feud and subsequent partnership with Matt Hardy was always a short-term gig. But now that Hardy looks to be done wrestling for a while, it's time for Wyatt to resume his kooky agenda.

WrestleVotes, A Twitter account with an ear behind WWE curtain, recently posted an update on WWE's plans for the Eater of Worlds.

"Getting a lot of questions lately on Bray Wyatt. Was told he's in line for a slight refresh. The character should remain intact once he returns to TV, but I'm expecting a renewed push along with a singles baby face run. Pivotal time in his career ahead" writes WrestleVotes.

It's been a few weeks since we've seen Wyatt. After a few months as Raw Tag Team Champions, he and Hardy quietly lost the titles and saw their spot taken by the B-Team and The Revival. Hardy and Wyatt's alignment gave us plenty of fun moments, but perhaps most importantly it gives us babyface Bray Wyatt.

With good ju-ju behind him, it looks like Wyatt may return as a pleasant, yet still weird, version of himself. This could be big for both e and WWE as few Superstars have a connection to the crowd like Wyatt.

Wyatt's eccentric ways and near iconic entrance have made a lasting impression on WWE fans, however, much of Wyatt's run as a singles star has only been so-so. He did earn a brief turn with the WWE Championship but Wyatt's recent history underlines his propensity for losing big matches. That plus the combination House of Horrors match plus cringeworthy a deployment of Sister Abigail had Wyatt going in a questionable direction.

However, a "slight refresh" seems to be encouraging. With the crowd still behind him, they'll be eager to see him back on his own.

Wyatt did tease a Wyatt Family reunion in a tweet calling back to the 2014 Shield vs. Wyatt Family match at Extreme Rules. This had some fans speculating Wyatt getting back together with Braun Strowman, but that doesn't look like it will be happening. Strowman just made friends with Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin, leaving Wyatt without any potential followers.


This is for the best, as we've seen the Wyatt Family plenty of times. What we have yet to see is Bray Wyatt truly thrive in WWE. Hopefully, we're on the verge of that happening.