Bret Hart's Attacker Charged With Assault, WWE Issues Official Statement

During the induction of The Hart Foundation during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony on Saturday night, a fan shockingly ran into the ring and tackled Bret "The Hitman" Hart while he was giving his speech. The attacker was immediately apprehended by security along with a group of concerned wrestlers, and was carried out of the arena while Hart continued his speech.

Los Angeles Times columnist Arah Markazi had an update the fan after the ceremony was over, reporting on Twitter that he was charged with two counts of third-degree assault and one count of disorderly conduct. His identity was not released.

WWE released an official statement on the incident, writing, "An over-exuberant fan surpassed our security at ringside and made his way briefly into the ring. The individual has been turned over to the proper authorities."

Natalya, who was in the ring at the time to accept the induction on behalf of her deceased father, Jim "The Anvil Neidhart," posted her reaction on Twitter not long after WWE's statement.

"I'm so proud of my uncle [Bret Hart] tonight during our HOF ceremony," she wrote. "Bret is a cancer survivor, a stroke survivor and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He didn't deserve to be attacked or have his moment or my dad's diminished. We got it back on track. Thank you, guys."

Hart was reportedly not taken to a hospital following the attack, and even made a joke about it as he continued his speech.

"I hope I can briefly describe what it was like to be a heel tag team in 1985 in the WWE," Hart said. "It was sort of little but like that [the attack] just now."


Saturday's induction marked the second time Hart has been added to the WWE Hall of Fame, as he was originally inducted in 2006 as a singles wrestler. He, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Booker T are the only men in company history to be inducted twice.