Former WWE Superstars Defend Brie Bella's Botch From Raw

Brie Bella's errant kicks from Raw has been the biggest talking point in WWE this week. Despite it clearly being an accident, Bella has been heavily criticized for handing Liv Morgan a concussion. However, former WWE Superstars were quick to defend Bella.

During an episode of X-Pac 12360, Sean Waltman chalked up the episode as a workplace hazard but thinks WWE should educate its referees to respond with more haste.

“S—t happens, and no one means to do that… I am not gonna fault anyone for not doing anything it wasn’t part of protocol. However, this might be a good learning experience to start training the referees on what to do… That would be something I am pretty sure they’re already talking about," he said.

Freshly enshrined WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarret also defended Bella using citing that things like this are unavoidable in the wrestling ring.

“You know we all know what we signed up for and if you don’t know what you’ve signed up for when you get into the wrestling industry. It’s very physical and it’s at it’s artform it’s very physical it’s very spontaneous and things are going to happen," Jarrett told TMZ.

“You know if I always fought and trained around and accidents can happen," he continued. Things can happen. If it’s a consistent pattern then we’ve got a problem because it is a business, it is a way of living.”

During his regular appearance on Sirius Busted Open Radio, Bubba Ray Dudley said fans are out of line to blast Bella with so much enthusiasm.

“What I saw happen the other night with the two girls was a little bit of rust and a little bit of inexperience came together in a moment in time. And that’s what happened. And it’s between Brie and it’s between Liv and really the only people who can talk about it are wrestlers," he said. There is so much negativity with fans on social media, ‘oh she botched this — oh she did this wrong.’ People taking her side or burying her and everything like this. You’re not the professionals people. If you think you know how to do it or you think you can do it better please become a wrestler!”


Taz says neither wrestler is to blame rather their in-ring timing.

"First off, Bella didn't… it wasn't intentional", Taz explained. "I watched it many times from a couple of different angles. It's not intentional; it happens. Their timing… both girls, their timing was off, it's that simple. It happens; it's a cliché and you hear it all the time, but it's a shoot, it is not ballet. It's not Liv's fault, it's not Bella's fault, it is their timing. It just happens," he said on his podcast.