Mattel Mistakes Cesaro For WWE Hall Of Famer

Cesaro might be the most criminally underused wrestler in the WWE. He won the first ever Andre The Giant memorial battle royal, and has been paired with the likes of Paul Heyman, Zeb Coulter and now Sheamus, yet he's never gotten the push many feel he deserves. Many think his in-ring skills alone make the Super Swissman a future Hall of Famer. Apparently, someone at Mattel feels the same way.

Today on Twitter, someone pointed out Mattel's error (or wishful thinking), when they tweeted an image of a Cesaro action figure inside a Stone Cold Steve Austin Elite box.

Luckily, Cesaro took the comparison as a compliment and responded to the mishap.

As a fellow baldman, I take offense to the assumption that all bald white guys look alike. Cesaro wears a suit, Stone Cold wore jorts. Stone Cold drank Steveweisers, Cesaro probably drinks Evian. Totally different. Hopefully, the WWE brass will not scold the poor worker who confused the two but instead take it as a sign that Cesaro one day belongs inside a Hall of Fame box.


And that's the bottom line, because the King of Swing said so.