Watch: Charlotte Flair Drops an F-Bomb During TLC Main Event

The main event of Sunday night's TLC pay-per-view turned out to be the most violent match of the night, as Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch took on The Kabuki Warriors in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. The four women used all sorts of weapons on each other throughout the match, and as a result a few curse words were caught on camera as more punishment was dealt out. The worst offender was Flair, who was caught screaming out an f-bomb as Asuka smacked her in the back with a chair while she tried to untie a trapped Lynch.

The final sequence of the match saw Lynch climb a ladder to try and grab the championships, only for Asuka to pull the ladder down via a rope that had been tied to the bottom. She then scurried her way up the ladder to retrieve the titles.

The match marked the second year in a row where Asuka got the better of Flair and Lynch in a TLC match. Last year's TLC pay-per-view saw Ronda Rousey run down and shove both Lynch and Flair off a ladder, allowing Asuka to win the SmackDown Women's Championship.

Both Flair and Lynch voiced their frustration on social media in recent weeks that instead of battling for the Raw Women's Championship, the two had been shunted into the tag division. Lynch even tried to say the WWE front office was the source behind the lacking of booking surrounding her title.

"It's been two weeks since I've been on Raw and it's been two months since I have defended this [the title]," Lynch said on WWE's YouTube channel. "Now, do we think that the powers that were keeping me down at the beginning of all this have just gone away?

"I have said the fight that I want and I have said that I will fight them in the parking lot if I can't get it on a pay-per-view," she added. "I am the face of this company but I'm not gonna be the mouthpiece cause this title deserves more, I deserve more, the people deserve more."


Meanwhile after interacting with Corey Graves on Twitter, Flair went on After The Bell last week to discuss how she's been booked on WWE television in recent months.

"It's like I had all those moments last year, how did I fall off? I think it's just sometimes with standards, if the bar is set so high, maybe this just doesn't feel like that gear?" Flair said. "Instead of getting angry or frustrated, I have to tell myself to 'not everything can be main event for me'."