Charlotte Flair Agrees To 'Champion vs. Champion' Match With Bayley On SmackDown

NXT Women's Champion Charlotte Flair made her way to SmackDown on FOX Friday night. With WWE essentially ending the brand split of late with their "Brand to Brand Invitation," Flair has now made the rounds on NXT, RAW, and SmackDown. She made her way out to the ring with the NXT Women's Championship and talked into the camera about how in demand she is with the FOX executives wanting her to appear on their show after she appeared on USA Network's RAW. The segment didn't last long before an interruption came her way.

Bayley and Sasha Banks emerged on the entrance ramp, walking to the ring to go face to face with Flair. Bayley talked about how the FOX executives must be fascinated with blonds or go crazy just like the "other sheep" because she is Ric Flair's daughter.

They asked when the last time they saw Flair on SmackDown was? Bayley laughed and said it was when she became a two-time SmackDown Women's Champion. Flair joked that Bayley had to get a new haircut to get the job done.

Bayley told Flair to go back to NXT and give all the young talent someone to look up to or go back to RAW and beat Liv Morgan over and over again. Bayley called herself the most dominant SmackDown Women's Champion in history, saying she has beat everybody including Flair. She followed up every insult with the line "Boom! Roasted!"


Flair said Banks is the only reason that Bayley is the champion. Flair noted that it was she and Banks that main-evented the first RAW and PPVs together. She put over Banks as the "Boss," "Blueprint," and "Standard." She questioned why she would be content standing in Bayley's corner being an after thought? Bayley tried to interrupt, saying Flair was too egotistical to ever understand their friendship.

Bayley challenged Flair to a champion vs. champion match, which Flair accepted. Flair then said she had a question for Banks, asking her "are you your own woman or are you just going to be Bayley's lackey, happy being an after thought?" She told her to think long and hard about that as the segment ended.

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