Chris Jericho Says Blame WWE, Not Brock Lesnar, for Part-Time Schedule

Brock Lesnar has been painted as the money-grubbing albino gorilla that refuses to leave WWE's [...]

Brock Lesnar has been painted as the money-grubbing albino gorilla that refuses to leave WWE's throne. While WWE is leaning into that narrative ahead of SummerSlam, Lesnar's apparent selfishness has long irked wrestling fans.

But Chris Jericho says that any hostility towards Lesnar is misdirected.

During an appearance on The Jim Ross Report, Y2J explained why he can't blame Lesnar for negotiating such a convenient contract.

"I think a lot of people have animosity towards [Lesnar] because of that [favorable deal], but I don't." Jericho said. "I admire the guy. I would like that deal and I'm not so sure that I won't get a deal like that at some point. At least in New Japan I did, so I remember years ago someone said, 'you can't blame,' I think they were talking about [Hulk] Hogan when Hogan had that huge deal with WCW and he got a percentage of the pay-per-views and he was making this money, they're like, 'you can't blame Hogan for getting the deal.' You can't blame freakin' LeBron James for going to [NBA's Los Angeles Lakers] for $40 million for two years. Blame the company! Blame the owners! Blame the team! Blame the company! Blame Vince [McMahon]!

Terms of every contract are agreed upon by different sides. While it may appear that Lesnar has a stranglehold on WWE, the details of his agreement were something Vince McMahon personally confirmed. That means that Lesnar's sporadic appearances and fleeting title defense have always been WWE's plan.

Jericho went on to discuss WWE's strategy for Roman Reigns and the Universal Championship. To Jericho, WWE has positioned Reigns on multiple occasions to finally beat Lesnar, but clearly, they are holding off for a better moment. Regardless of when or if it happens, Jericho believes that Vince McMahon has a clear idea he's working towards.

"they thought [Reigns] was going to win [The Universal Championship] at WrestleMania [34], he didn't. They thought he was going to win it at The Greatest Royal Rumble, he didn't. I think there might have been another time or something, but who knows? What I know, once again, is that this is all Vince [McMahon]'s plan, and he's orchestrating it, and he knows exactly what's going on, exactly what he wants to do. And I would never bet against Vince McMahon because once in a while it doesn't work, but 99 other times, it does and I've seen it myself," said Jericho.

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