Cody Rhodes Reacts to WWE Trademarking His Name Once Again

Cody Runnels has long wanted to trademark his ring name, Cody Rhodes, however WWE has held the trademark since his time with the company. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has refused his attempts to trademark "Cody Rhodes" due to WWE's own filing. WWE's filing expired on April 13th and Rhodes applied for the trademark on the same days of the expiration. However, WWE's renewal went through, with a delay, on May 15th. The extra time was noted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rhodes took to Twitter to comment on the story, which had been reported earlier this week. He didn't seem to take offense to WWE's move.

"It's not as sultry/scandalous as reported," Rhodes wrote. "It's just business. They've seen the same data we have, and they know they can make big money off the brand (even though it's not in their house). Trying to license me is flattering, but it doesn't stop this train from moving. No grudge."


Rhodes currently serves as an executive vice president with All Elite Wrestling. He is also the company's first-ever TNT Champion and successfully defended the title against Jake Hager this past Wednesday night as part of AEW Dynamite's "Fyter Fest, Night One" special.