Daniel Bryan's WWE Goal: 'I Want to Be More Hated Than Brock Lesnar'

Daniel Bryan may be the most beloved Superstar in WWE history. But now that he's a villain, Bryan [...]

Daniel Bryan may be the most beloved Superstar in WWE history. But now that he's a villain, Bryan is doing all that he can to erase his iconic Yes Movement.

In an interview with Newsweek, Bryan discussed his hopes for his recent heel turn. To the current WWE Championship, his top priority is to be resented.

"I want to be the most hated guy in the company. I want to be more hated than Brock Lesnar. Some people want to cheer for the bad guy. I don't want them to cheer, I want to be hated. So far I've had two jumpers at live events [laughs] and that's an old school kind of mentality. You don't want those guys to jump but you want them to hate you. You want them to pay to see you get beat. Or pay to see you get beat up or at the very least enjoy seeing you get beat up. That's my thing," he said.

Bryan is doing his best to collect the boos. His new character is detestably sanctimonious as most of his promos focus bashing fans for their pathetic lifestyles. While a heel ripping fans are no new concept, Bryan has put a twist on being a bad guy and has channeled a character that relies upon a toxic brand of hyper-Progressivism. The latest example of which came after he bashes Chase Field's "Rumble Burger" for its horrendous use of meat and cheese.

While Bryan has developed this abrasive character, it's apparently been all on the fly. According to him, his big heel turn was a last-minute decision.

"In true WWE fashion this was all spur of the moment [laughs]. It was a "day of" change, and for me, it was awesome because it was a clean slate," he said.

Ironically Bryan did need a fresh start. Just before WrestleMania 34, Bryan was greenlit to return to WWE action after being forced to retire the years earlier. The news of his comeback made us all explode and WWE rightly rode that wave of elation for a few months. But wrestling fans are notoriously fickle and it became clear that Daniel Bryan would need to establish some new character traits.

"The old question, when I came back, was "I'm really excited to come back to wrestling but you also have to deal with expectations" personal and company expectations and all that kind of stuff. Where as when the [heel turn] happened, there's a clean slate. It's a blank page where I can draw whatever I want, and that's exciting," he said.