Dave Bautista Knocks Someone Out in Rocket Mortgage's Super Bowl 2021 Commercial

Dave Bautista was "pretty sure" he would be able to knock out someone out for Rocket Mortgage's Super Bowl 2021 commercial. In recent years football fans might have noticed how Rocket Mortgage has been popping up as one of the major companies offering a wild commercial for the big game (with a hilarious makeover for Jason Momoa making waves during last year's game, for example), and that's definitely the case this year as they have enlisted the help of yet another major on-screen superhero and former WWE Superstar, Dave Bautista.

Rocket Mortgage's Super Bowl Commercial this year tasks someone who's "pretty sure" of something and soon comes face to face with all sorts of wild tests from Tracy Morgan. One of those tests pits him against Dave Bautista, and Bautista knocks him out in pretty quick fashion. Check it out for yourself below:

As for Bautista, he's got lots of new projects in the works that are either scheduled for a release soon or are currently filming as of this writing. This potentially includes Thor: Love and Thunder, which is currently being filmed in Sydney, Austraila. The new film is expected to feature the Guardians of the Galaxy roster as well, and this includes Bautista's Drax. In fact, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has nothing but kind words for the star.

Opening up about what makes Bautista a great actor, Gunn stated the following "[Dave Bautista] takes the craft seriously. He’s grounded in real emotion [and] not showy. The difference between Dave [and] many wrestler-actors is when you look in his eyes on set he’s in the place he’s supposed to be, not thinking about what he’s going to do next," Gunn stated.


Elaborating further, Gunn went on to say "One of the things I deal with a lot with actors who have been a part of other performing arts (ie wrestling or comedy) is to get them to STOP JUGGLING and JUST BE. It’s not your job to entertain us - it’s simply your job to be present to the moment in front of you -And to treat it honestly. I never really had to teach that to [Dave Bautista]. His rawness set him apart from the first moment I met him. It was merely a matter of creating a space where he could come and share himself with all of us."

Which Dave Bautista role are you most excited to see on screen in the future? What's your favorite Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl commercial so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!