WWE's Dean Ambrose Channels 'Bane' in Anti-Houston Rant on Raw

Last week, Dean Ambrose opted for a vaccination ahead of his trip for Raw in Houston on Monday. But when the day finally came, Ambrose brought along a hazmat and a Bane impersonation to dump on Houston.

No one was quite sure what to do when a squad of highly sterile goons marched down WWE's ramp to the sound of nuclear sirens to start Raw's third hour. But Ambrose soon appeared - rocking a fur coat and a Bane mask.

Ambrose ripped into Houston with the mask on, then tore it off when it was time to speak to Seth Rollins directly.

After sworn he'll be taking Rollins Intercontinental Championship at TLC next Sunday, Ambrose then targeted the WWE Universe. With a surprisingly clichè speech hinging on the phrase "you people" Ambrose let us know there will be nothing to admire about his heel turn. Rollins cut off the diatribe, but after disposing of the hazmat crew, he was wrecked by Ambrose. After a sequence of Dirty Deeds, Rollins was on his back and Ambrose got to look crazy from the ramp.


While most of Twitter wasn't impressed by Ambrose's attempt, this marked WWE's first real attempt to get him over a heel since her turned on Rollins in October. They relied heavily on some old school tactics for heat—insulting fans city—while tipping their cap the Batman, but in the end, it did feel a little flat. A chunk of the WWE Universe has been imagining what heel Ambrose would actually look like, and this may not be matching their expectations. However, Ambrose has proven he knows how to cultivate attention as a WWE Superstar, and we'll hope his most villainous days are ahead.

We'll get one more episode of Raw before Rollins and Ambrose's TLC bout, likely with Rollins getting a taste of revenge. However, this all seems the be setting up for a big night for Ambrose at TLC. Him losing his pay-per-view match after a long-awaited heel turn would neuter whatever momentum he currently has.