The Internet Is Very Worried About Dean Ambrose and Renee Young

An offhand comment has given some wrestlers a lot of fodder for some joking speculation about the state of a WWE wrestler's marriage.

Dean Ambrose is the center of perhaps the biggest storyline on Monday Night RAW as the Shield teeters on the brink of collapse. Renee Young is Monday Night RAW's newest commentator and one of the company's best interviewers. Ambrose and Young are also happily married, having quietly tied the knot back in 2017.

If there's anyone who would have an understanding into Ambrose's mind, it would be his wife, but fans are (jokingly) worried whether everything is okay at the Ambrose/Young household. When addressing Ambrose's absence at the beginning of Monday Night RAW, Young rather bluntly mentioned that she hasn't seen much of her husband in "several weeks."

Of course, everything is probably fine between Ambrose and Young, and Young was just attempting to keep kayfabe alive while her husband is in the middle of a major storyline. But that doesn't mean that some wrestling fans couldn't help but have a laugh at Young's explanation for her husband's absence.

Some fans immediately started to fill in the gaps, adding their own twist on Young's goofy explanation:

Of course, at least one commentator had our reaction pegged to a tee:


We'll note that Young and Ambrose have been subject to a lot of unjustified harassment because of their relationship, so it's certainly possible that Young's muted response was just a nod to fans who knew about their relationship without drawing attention to it.

Personally, we love Ambrose and Young and we hope that the pair can finally reconnect after Ambrose is finished with his business with the Hounds of Justice and the Dogs of War.