Spoiler Emerges Surrounding Dean Ambrose's WWE Return

It seems like Dean Ambrose has been out of action for years. It's only been eight months, but a [...]

It seems like Dean Ambrose has been out of action for years. It's only been eight months, but a new report claims to know the where and when of the Lunatic Fringe's prodigal return.

PWInsider says that Ambrose will not only be back this month but will be present at SummerSlam. Their sources indicate that he could return before the August 19 show, be that is dependent upon his storyline.

The report did not specify is Ambrose would be wrestling at the Brooklyn mega show, instead, Ambrose's potential role was left ambiguous.

Last week, a report surfaced claiming that Ambrose would return to team up with Seth Rollins against a freshly reunited team of Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. While that could still be an option for WWE, it could be reserved for later this year.

It feels like wherever Ambrose return it will involve Seth Rollins. However, Rollins already has SummerSlam plans to challenge Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship. Ziggler will likely be accompanied by Drew McIntyre in Brooklyn so adding Ambrose to the fray seems like a logical play.


This proved to be one of the times a wrestling rumor actually manifested. Ambrose returned the Raw before SummerSlam to a massive ovation. As PWInsider predicted. Ambrose accompanied Rollins to his SummerSlam match against Dolph Ziggler. Even more, the new-look Ambrose played a critical role in neutralized Drew McIntyre en route to helping Rollins re-capture his Intercontinental Championship.

The day after SummerSlam, the Shield would reunite as a newly crowned Roman Reigns was getting stomped out by Ziggler and McIntyre. It looks like the Hounds of Justice will once again drive WWE's plot through WrestleMania season. But we've been a condition to anticipate a massive heel turn and AMrbsoe name has been perpetually associated with such a flip in morality.

We'll have to see, but don't expect the Shield to split anytime soon. With matches already set for the October 6 Super Show-Down, The Shield will likely stay together through Survivor Series if not 2018. However once WrestleMania season is upon us, WWE won't be able to resist the drama behind yet another Shield break up.

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