Finn Balor Halts Drew McIntyre's Momentum at WWE TLC

Finn Balor was back in action at WWE TLC for the first time on television since being pulled from [...]

Finn Balor was back in action at WWE TLC for the first time on television since being pulled from a South American tour due to illness.

Unfortunately for Balor, he was in there with Drew McIntyre who has been in the middle of a big push in recent months on WWE RAW. Would Balor suffer the fate once again of being a stepping stone in the path of another superstar?

For those wondering, no, there was no appearance from The Demon at TLC. In fact, the match wasn't the first time that Balor came out in front of the crowd on the show. Earlier, he got involved (along with a host of others) in the Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin match.

McIntyre ruled the early part of the match, using his size and power to dominate his opponent. As the bout between the two former NXT Champions continued on, Balor slowly mounted some offense. He got in some chops and running forearms before hitting a tornado DDT that sent McIntyre to the outside.

Balor hit the running tope to the outside to get the crowd into things and pick up the pace. He hit the Slingblade back in the ring but quickly ran into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to halt his momentum.

McIntyre screamed "you're nothing to me" at his opponent and pushed him into the corner. At that point, Balor came through with a victory roll for a near fall. McIntyre turned the tide again and hit a big move off the top rope for another near fall.

They fought to the outside where Balor wrapped his opponent up in the ring apron. Balor came in for a running kick but McIntyre blocked it and dropped Finn to the mat face first. McIntyre then hit the Glasgow Kiss Headbutt on the outside, dropping Balor. McIntyre tossed him back into the ring dead weight, but then turned around to a Superkick from Dolph Ziggler who had ran out through the crowd. Ziggler brought out a chair but McIntyre kicked it back into his face.

McIntyre brought the chair into the ring and Balor came in out of nowhere to dropkick it into his face. Balor quickly hit the Coup De Grace and won the match, surprising most in attendance and watching at home. It feels like it has been forever since Balor got a meaningful victory and that certainly was.