Elias Returns on WWE Monday Night Raw, Attacks Jeff Hardy

Elias has been out of action for quite a while, but the WWE superstar surprisingly made his return to television on Monday Night Raw to attack Jeff Hardy. When we had last seen Elias he was in the midst of entering the next round in the tournament for the Intercontinental Championship on Friday Night SmackDown, but he was wrapped in the chaos of the storyline between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus. In the show, a hit and run incident from Sheamus ended up removing Elias not only from the tournament but from several months of WWE television. Now that's come to an end as Elias is finally back!

Making his grand return to WWE Monday Night Raw, Elias suddenly appeared during the match between AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy. Like both of these two individuals who had been drafted to Monday Night Raw during the first night of the WWE Draft on Friday Night SmackDown, Elias had officially been drafted over to the Monday Night Raw brand during the fourth round.

Perhaps as a sign of things to come, Elias struck Jeff Hardy with his guitar as part of his major return to television and it ended up giving AJ Styles the win at the end of the day (because Styles was not going to let an opportunity like that pass him up). You can check it out from WWE's official Twitter:

While the story had Elias removed from WWE television for the foreseeable future, in reality Elias had reportedly suffered a torn pectoral muscle injury that needed surgery. This meant he was out of action for at least six to nine months since we had last seen him in action in May, and soon we will see what kind of shake ups Elias will bring to Monday Night Raw now that he's aiming squarely at Jeff Hardy.

The WWE Draft's second night continues during Monday Night Raw, and has seen several surprising shake ups that include Elias in the mix. The draft has also named a few individuals who have not been on TV for a while such as Charlotte Flair and Lars Sullivan, and you can follow the latest up to date news on the draft, including every superstar taken throughout, with our WWE Draft tracker here. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!