Ethan Page Claims He Remains a Free Agent Following NXT Debut

The former AEW star attacked Trick Williams to end the broadcast.

Ethan Page stunned the wrestling world on Tuesday. Over the past couple of weeks, members of The Meta-Four had been taken out backstage, and given the group's feud with NXT Champion Trick Williams, all eyes looked to Trick as the top suspect. The Meta-Four's Lash Legend, Trick's real-life partner, confronted him about the attacks in an effort to clear his name. As the two were speaking, the lights went out, and when they came back on, Ethan Page was laying waste to Trick. This marked Page's first televised appearance inside a wrestling ring in months, as he had last been seen competing for AEW and Ring of Honor this past winter.

Ethan Page Claims Free Agent Status Following NXT Debut

(Photo: WWE)

Is All Ego under WWE contract?

Taking to social media, Ethan Page addressed his WWE NXT debut, gloating about the social reach his shock appearance had.

"Millions of views across all social platforms. That's pretty heavy," Page said. "I'd even say that's a bit of buying power for Ethan Page."

That "buying power" is related to Page's wrestling future, as the former AEW star claims he is still a free agent.

"Contrary to popular belief, Ethan Page is not signed to any company or any contract," Page continued. "I'm going to just assume that Trick Williams would love to get a little payback and revenge on Ethan Page. NXT, I'm going to leave this one to you. Ball is in your court. All Ego is all ears. I'm going to assume someone in that company has my number. I'll wait for the call."

Page quietly left AEW earlier this spring, as he was officially removed from the AEW roster page on May 2nd. He had reportedly been looking to move on from AEW as far back as February. Despite this video claiming otherwise, PWInsider reports that Page is in fact on a WWE contract and was at the WWE Performance Center last week "under the cover of extreme darkness."

Page spent three years with AEW, initially debuting at AEW Revolution 2021. He was a regular victim of start-stop booking, as he would occasionally be put in high-profile spots, such as wrestling Sting in his first traditional in-ring match in six years or being hand-picked by MJF in the formation of The Firm, but these moments never materialized into momentum. Page's final AEW match came against Kenny Omega on a December 2023 edition of AEW Collision. That match was also Omega's final contest before taking a leave of absence to recover from diverticulitis.