Exclusive: Adam Cole Talks Bullet Club Rift And When WWE Comes Around

Ring of Honor's Adam Cole is purely in a class all his own.

At the age of just 27, he is the first, and currently only, three-time Ring of Honor World Champion and a staple member of the infamous Bullet Club. Last weekend, he challenged relative newcomer to ROH "The Villain" Marty Scurll for the Ring of Honor Television Title in a losing effort.

The year started off so brightly for Cole, but the former champion shows no sign of slowing down on his way to another world championship, even if the rift in Bullet Club becomes wider each week.

ComicBook.com recently caught up with the three-time world champion and tried to get to the bottom of what exactly is going on with Bullet Club, who he'd love to be tag champs with, and what he would do if WWE wanted to get into the Adam Cole business.

CB: So, Adam, what is up with Bullet Club?

Adam Cole: Man, a lot is up with Bullet Club currently at the moment, but as far as I'm concerned everything is under control. There's a bunch of different factors when people say or think that Bullet Club is on the down swing. Obviously, I lost my Ring of Honor World Championship and the Young Bucks lost, but recaptured, the Ring of Honor World Tag Team titles. So there was a little bit of dissension going on between me and the Bucks.

As far as I'm concerned though, we are made up and everything is fine. The day we can get me and Kenny Omega on the same page, it will be a glorious one. As dominant as Bullet Club is, it would be a whole other level if Kenny and I can come to terms with a few things. This is nothing that can't be fixed. Bullet Club is stronger than ever.

Well, there was that skit with you and the Bucks giving each other friendship bracelets. How many bracelets would Kenny Omega have to make to get back in your graces?

I don't know if Kenny could get away with making bracelets. He might have to make a necklace, along with a set of earrings and I don't even wear earrings. I will say though that the Bullet Club friendship bracelets I made are pretty rad.

They spell out "Superkliq", they're in black and white for Bullet Club, and they have skulls on them. It took me like 90 minutes to make all three.

You know, we talked back in January at the Atlanta show and you seemed on top of the world, so what is going on with Adam Cole right now?

A lot is going on with me, and a lot of people are talking about me too, which is the interesting thing. Obviously, it was not the game plan for me to lose the Ring of Honor World Championship for a third time and as quickly as I did. There's no reason though that I can't be your first ever four-time ROH World Champion. That's the way I view everything. Christopher Daniels won't be champion for long. If I can pull that off, that would be pretty sweet.

Would you say it would be...too sweet?

Absolutely! For sure too sweet!

So going in for Supercard of Honor thinking you'd be facing Dalton Castle at this point, but ending up facing Marty Scurll. How did you change up your style for Marty?

Yeah, it's very different because when you go into the biggest weekend for wrestling of the year and the biggest show for Ring of Honor, and you're expecting a guy who you've beaten before, it changed my whole level of confidence. As for going up against a guy like Marty and our ring chemistry, we absolutely bring out the best in one another. Marty is a guy who, in such a short period of time, has made an impact in Ring of Honor and took that Television Championship to a whole new level. The match was so back and forth, but that will not be the last time that Marty and I face one another.

(Photo: Ring of Honor)

Talking back in January, you also mentioned that you'd love to do more in New Japan. Is there any progress with that?

Yeah, I should be there in the next couple of months. I'm really looking forward to that. I know there's been a bit of a break for Bullet Club guys, I mean, Kenny's back obviously, but the Young Bucks aren't over for a couple of months, I'm not over, but I've really enjoyed my time over there. So yeah, hopefully soon.

It seems ROH is in the middle of this renaissance of sorts. "Older" talent like Samoa Joe and Roderick Strong went for WWE and now you have older superstars of the past like the Hardys and now Bully Ray coming to ROH to reinvent themselves. How do you feel about that as not only a fan but as an ROH wrestler?

To me it's just solidifying Ring of Honor's place in the wrestling world. If you take a look at the guys who have been ROH World Champion or guys who made an impact in ROH and then went to other companies to continue their legacy, it's just a testament to the type of talent that Ring of Honor creates. Again, guys who have gone on to make careers outside of ROH and then come over to reinvent themselves or take on new challenges is just proof that Ring of Honor is the place to be.

We are a who's who of the best professional wrestlers in the world. It's a really cool journey that the Ring of Honor roster and Ring of Honor fans have been on and I'm glad to have been part of it.

What do you feel like you have left to prove in ROH?

I feel like at this point Adam Cole and the Ring of Honor World Championship are something that is going to go hand in hand for a matter of time. I've heard that I've done everything there is to do, but I feel like there's so much more left. I've never been a tag champ before. Ring of Honor is continuing to grow and I like the idea of me being in the forefront of that. I feel like there's a ton of left for me to do and lots of history to be made.

Anybody you'd really love to tag with?

I'd love to tag with Cody. Myself and Cody as the ROH Tag Team Champions. We would be the coolest tag champs of all time.

Lastly, if and when WWE came knockin, how would you answer?

That's all circumstantial. If WWE came around and put me in a scenario where I felt like it would be time to take the next step and I feel like it would be beneficial in my career, it is absolutely something I would consider. If I didn't work for WWE in my career, it would definitely be a case of "what if" for me. Timing is so important in wrestling, but I'm 27 and whether or not I go to WWE, I still have a lot to offer. When that time comes though, I'll make that decision.