First Look: Ric Flair Reveals New Adidas Shoes

Just over one year ago, it was revealed that Ric Flair had signed an endorsement deal with Adidas. At the time, Flair called out Nike by saying, "Adidas thinks I’m the man. I just signed a deal with them and we’re fixing to make Nike the second brand, ok? It’s not going to be Air Jordan anymore, it’s going to be Air Flair, and I can’t jump!” Now, we're getting a first look at these so-called "Air Flair" sneakers.

Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard worked with Flair on the shoes, which don't yet have an official release date to report. Flair published a picture to his Instagram account with the caption, ""Thank You Adidas For The Opportunity To Show The World That Stylin' And Profilin' With Naitch And Dame Is Even Cooler Than Being Like Mike! WOOOOO! COMING SOON!!! Damian Lillard And adidas."

Check out a picture of the shoes, inspired by Flair's legendary ring robes, below.

The shoes appear to be a new colorway of Lillard's existing shoe, the Dame 6. In January, there was also a Steve Austin version of the shoe. Lillard himself has never been shy to share his love for pro wrestling.


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