Former Impact Wrestling Talent Accompanies AEW Champion on AEW Dynamite

TNT Champion Scorpio Sky made his entrance on AEW Dynamite tonight flanked by a full fight camp. Sky was accompanied by tag partner Ethan Page as well as the usual American Top Team crew and their leader, Dan Lambert. Among the ATT members was KM, a former member of the Impact Wrestling roster. The six foot five inch heavyweight competed for Impact from 2017 until 2019. This is not KM's first dance in All Elite Wrestling, as he's worked multiple AEW Dark matches before, including a recent loss to the Dark Order's John Silver on June 27's AEW Dark Elevation.

KM would attempt to get physical in Sky's title bout, but his attack would be quickly countered by Wardlow. After disposing of American Top Team, Wardlow would deliver a power bomb symphony to Sky, leading to a 1-2-3 and his first championship victory in AEW.

The real-life Kevin McDonald debuted with Impact Wrestling as former Impact Knockout's Champion Sienna's cousin. Shortly after that, he would align with fellow heavyweight Kongo Kong and feud with Braxton Sutter (now AEW's The Blade) and Mahabali Shera.

Later in his Impact tenure, KM would attack James Storm, which aligned him with American Top Team. Before making their presence felt in All Elite Wrestling, ATT had a recurring role within Impact Wrestling, mostly seen alongside Bobby Lashley. The current WWE United States Champion would eventually turn on ATT, which would end the mixed martial arts stable's tenure in Impact.

KM's time within Impact was also riddled with injuries.


"It was just dumb luck where every time we did an Impact Wrestling, I'd somehow get hurt through no fault of their own. Even when I did nothing, I would still get hurt," KM told Wrestling Inc. in 2019. "I'm 36 now and I'm falling apart. Even with the WrestlePro shows, most people book themselves in the main event, but nine out of 10 times I don't even book myself on the show. So I like the time off and focusing on recovering and getting healthy."

AEW Dynamite is airing live on TBS.