Goldberg on How He Feels About So Many WWE Wrestlers Using the Spear Finisher

Goldberg's Spear helped make him one of the most explosive wrestlers of the Monday Night Wars and helped catapult him to the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. "Da Man" is credited with making the move a mainstream finisher, which has since been adopted by major WWE stars like Roman Reigns and Edge. He revealed in a new interview with Dr. Beau Hightower this week that he initially hated when other wrestlers adopted the move, but his position softened over time. 

"About 15 to 20 superstars at WWE use it, and I used to hate it, but now I like it," he said (h/t WrestleZone). "I like it because you see them do it, and then you see the master do it. And there's a huge difference. And if I like you, I'll let you live through it. If I don't like you, I'll put my head right in the middle of your chest and you'll be in the hospital. So that was the allure of my character... You had to sit at the edge of your seat because you had no idea what was gonna happen. And you knew it was gonna happen quickly, but you had to focus and you had to be attentive of what was going on because you'd miss it."

Goldberg was on the losing end of a Universal Championship match with Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber, which was reportedly the last match on his current WWE contract. In the months leading up to his originally-scheduled match with Reigns, he often brought up the comparison between their two Spears. 

"He backed out on me at WrestleMania, he stole my move god knows how long ago," Goldberg said on The Bump in December 2020. "And he continues to perform it at subpar level. Let's be perfectly honest, I'm the dude that delivers the Spear and I don't think he understands what it's like until I deliver one to him. So Roman, it's coming and I'm coming for you. I may be old, I may be gray, but I'm still Goldberg."

"There's always this debate to the spear," Reigns responded in January 2021 with FOX Sports. "'Well, you don't do it like Goldberg,' and like .... that's 'cause I'm a really good performer. I do it like I do it. So, I do a launch and make it very aesthetic. I'm not on the gridiron. If I want to push somebody's organs through their spine, I can do that. There's no problem. Easy. 6'3, 265, I'll run through your ass. But, I try to launch it and make it look as Superman-esque as possible, like you're flying, darting through the air."